My name is Ann Lambert,I am a photographer in the Blue Ridge,Ga. area. Have been for almost 20 years now.I do alittle bit of everything,but I love photographing people. I guess I am known best for photographing kids (babes - seniors). Another passion is horses. Love,Love,Love photographing horses.

I have also found setting up for our "Mini Sessions" has become quite a passion for myself and my assistant Jill,we love finding props and new locations for each theme. So I hope you will come to one or many or ALL of our "Mini Sessions"

We hope you stop by from time to time to see what specials we have going on and we hope to make alot of new friends.

Thanks, Ann and Jill

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Styled Shoots by Ann Lambert Photography

Styled Shoots by Ann Lambert Photography

New for 2013

Hello Everyone, Ok so this is a new year and I thought I would try this "blog"thing again.
First, I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed 2012 and I wish you many more blessings for 2013. :)

So Ann Lambert Photography has decided to go "Styled". I cannot tell you how much we love the themed "Mini Shoots" we have done over the years, so much so that we have decided to make that a new "Style" if you will to Ann Lambert Photography. We love everything about it, from the consultation to finding and making props for the set,love it,love it !!! So this year you will be seeing alot more "Styled" Sessions from us ,we hope to come up with a theme for each month,but of course if you have an idea of your own,please let us know and we will get creative and make it happen.

Second,I will try not to bore you to death with this blog, I know you really dont care what I have for breakfast,lunch or dinner, so I promise not to go there.However, I do have a beautiful grandson,Cash, that you will probably hear about from time to time,cant help myself on that :) I think his picture is right below this,so you can see why :0)

And thrid, I will really,really try to keep updated on here and facebook, I seem to vanish from time to time,but I am really going to try for at least a once a week update.

So there you have it, I sure hope to see all of my wonderful and faithful clients/friends in 2013 and A LOT of new ones. Thanks and keep checking for those updates :) Ann,the photographer and the beautiful assistant, Jill :)


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dress me-up Photo Session Feb-Special

Okay so I have decided to do a special for Feb. As you all know I work outside and it usually is cold,but it has been beautiful lately so I figured why not, right ? We will just have to keep an eye on the weather. I thought Feb. would be fun for alittle dress-me-up. My favorite sessions ! We have quite a few outfits,jewlery,hats,boas,even a couple of furs......and for the guys,we have shirt,ties,jackets and hats, to cute !!!!!! Of course you may bring your own fancy clothes if you have any.
So shoot me an email at lambert890@hotmail.com or give me a call at 706-374-0858 to set up your appointment. Thanks look forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am

Sorry for the quality of the photos on this blog.....all of a sudden they started looking horrible,that's why I havent been blogging lately. I cant seem to get a straight answer from anyone,so I will keep trying and if nothing else will have to change blog sites.I will keep you posted, Thanks all, ann

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gailey Family

It was so nice getting to see my friend Pam and her family the other day,which doesnt happen often enough. Hope you like the pics so far :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011